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No, I'm not really back and the truth is I doubt I'll really use LJ again. There are just too many memories here. At the moment, I use this to save old writing (in private settings). This post is just here so you can see what I've been up to and where you can follow me now. I'm more likely to update these instead of here.

My books (some are on sale now!): http://www.amazon.com/CS-Patra/e/B00BJAFVD6/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1
My author FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CS-Patra-Author/297508030352688?ref=hl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CyberPeacock
Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/lordevillol
My blog on books and stuff: http://genomecarnivalsanctumcreamery.wordpress.com/

Yes, most of it has to do with writing but that's mostly my life right now. For now, this journal is around as I don't want to get rid of some stuff. No matter how painful it is, I want to keep it.

I hope we will cross paths again one day.


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Public posting for this only right now.

I know I've been using this place way too much to promote myself and I apologize for that. Truth be told, that is the big thing going on with me right now (or at least it's the stuff I can talk about. There's others but I've got to keep my mouth shut until I'm allowed to talk about it). The good news is that there are updates to some of this stuff so hooray for that!

Etsy shop has a few more new items. You can order anytime: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ThePaintedWire?ref=search_shop_redirect

Newest book came out. Here they are at Amazon & B&N right now. I'll keep this place updated when it's finally turned into e-book version (Yes, that'll happen too) and when it's in other places. Also, any promos of book signings will come up too. (I'm also using my real initials this time around too).

http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/CS-Patra?store=allproducts&keyword=CS+Patra (This one has a discounted price! Get it before it runs out!)

And some new e-book versions of stuff:


My bro's book:


Um, I think I covered it all. I'm not enabling comments in this post cause it's just to promote right now. Although if you do buy anything, send me a PM via LJ or you can always tweet me @CyberPeacock. I also have a tumblr: lordevillol. (I have Facebook too but that's more personal). Remember that you aren't obligated to get any of them but if you do, I would be happy and so would you (I hope). :D

I'll be around with bigger news next time. I hope you're all doing good.


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I know I have not updated in forever and I apologize. The truth is I'm probably going to be rid of this journal soon and will be getting a new one come 2011. That means everything will be moving to a new journal. Don't know what the name will be yet but that will be determined in December. You can follow me if you wish.

In the meantime, if you want news on me, follow me on Twitter: endlessfights or kutchunummy. The latter is opened while the other is not.

But...the reason I updated...I finally saw HP7. And as always, I must review.

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All in all, I say you should go see it if you haven't yet.
Coldwriter (no taking)

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Got more news on this. Things seem to be going in a positive direction now. All will be fine, I'm pretty sure of it.
Coldwriter (no taking)

Last public post ever. I've gone FO!

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My rules are fairly simple:

1)Respect me and I will do the same to you.
2)No homophobes, racists, or anything of that sort. I'm a lot of other things that aren't considered the 'norm'. I will not tolerate negative comments towards me cause frankly, it will do you no good. You can't change me. All you will do is make yourself a bigger fool than you already are. So bottom line: just be respectful of who I am. (In other words, this is an extension of rule 1)
3)Please comment to be added. No comment, no addy. Capisce? Get to know who I am if you want.
I'M SERIOUS ABOUT THE THIRD RULE! IF YOU DON'T COMMENT HERE, YOU WON'T BE ADDED! I don't care who you are or why you added me first. I need to hear from you first, here, now! Then I will add you.

And the big one...


I will join what I want and when I want. Leaving your links and all that in my comments doesn't mean that I'm going to join. Because I won't.

One more thing before I step down...if you are one of those people who only posts quizzes and lyrics, I don't mind that much (though I do prefer that you actually some content besides those). If you TyPe Lyke THiS, I don't mind that much (though it hurts my eyes). But don't add me if you're just looking for friends to fill up your friends list. Because I sure as hell am not adding you back if that's the reason.

Okay, one more thing...please give me a reason why you want me on your friends list. Do you know me from somewhere? Do I know you? What reasons? (And you must have more than one reason)</b>

Think you can be cool with me? Then comment away!

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